School Council

Courtland’s School Council meets the second Friday of every month in the afternoon in the school library. Thank you to all of the people that have come out to be part of building our school community.

Meeting Minutes October 13, 2017

Principal Updates:

-lots of construction to make school more accessible and up to code
-elevator not installed due to issues thus halting the installation of the elevator-
school received a new gym floor, new carpet in the library
-an outside accessibility ramp was put in
-an accessible classroom was created
-tough start without secretary and the delayed entry to the school due to construction
-currently have librarian filling in for secretary until her return
-school is continuing to focus on math, wellness and spirit teams
-trip to Laurier soccer game was fun, a celebration of what is great about Courtland
-volleyball at Courtland starts next week
– had fair results with first school fundraiser, Treasures coupons
– second fundraiser will be cookie dough followed by chocolate bars School council will assist in fundraising efforts as needed.  Principal to let council know what assistance is required.Fundraising goes to subsidize costs for field trips, camp, events and busing.looking at have two camps this year, one for each grade seven and grade eight to help support the school goal to achieve student wellness
– fostering relationships with peers and the community. All students are able to access financial assistance if needed.  Please contact the school if needed. Discussed permission forms
– main problem is getting permission forms returned. Discussed School Day to aid with permission slips Discussed the implementation of school day, support to office and if teachers could email permission forms home to parents
School Council Updates:
– approved $1000 for Parents Reaching Out grant- will be used to offer a program in conjunction with school arts night- different ways for parents to access information, Twitter, InstaGram, email group, Survey Monkey
Reviewed Dress Code:WRDSB policy states that every year School Council will discuss Dress Code with the Principal.
– lengthy discussion regarding the dress code and achieving an empathetic middle ground for all students and families- all in attendance agree the focus should be on education not on “dress code”
-Parents in attendance requested that language in the dress code be revised to be less specific regarding the choices of attire that is appropriate for school
– specifically the removal of dress code violations for spaghetti straps on shirts or dresses, tank tops, visible bra straps and to take in to consideration the weight of a child when referring to ‘tight’ clothing.
-Principal is open to changing the language and is flexible on the policy.  It will be reviewed.
Closing items:
– establish electronic communication for members of council- try to establish a time or method by which all people can collaborate for meetings (develop a survey monkey)- the conversation on the dress code will be revisited