One of the themes this year is: “Things will be different to keep us safe”.
Everybody plays a very important role in order to make this happen:

Parents: play a very important in the overall safety and success of all students –

1. Conduct a morning pre-screening of their student to ensure no symptoms of illness are present. You can see a checklist at, and click on the red box that says ‘Daily Screen Checklist.’

2. Keep any student showing signs of illness at home and notify the school of the illness.

3. Notify the school of any COVID-19 diagnosis or any exposure to anyone diagnosed with COVID-19.

4. Ensure their student is prepared each day for school: a filled, labelled water bottle is sent to school each day and returned and cleaned with the student at the end of each day; adequate nutritional items are sent to sustain the student all day; materials required for learning are present with the student or left in the student’s desk – paper, pen, pencil, three ring binder, calculator, pencil crayons, etc. (there will be no sharing of learning materials allowed). If students need help with classroom supplies, please let us know and we can certainly help with that. Student startup supply kits may also be provided by WRDSB – we are awaiting more details of that and will let you know if we get an update.

5. Be prepared to pick up a student during the day if they should become ill or are unable to remain at school. This is very important. Please make sure we have accurate contact information.

6. Ensure the student has a mask and a breathable bag to store it in (for example a paper lunch bag), label bag to store the mask when not in use.

Our staff (including Administration) will do everything possible to try to ensure the safety, well-being, and success of every student. This includes:

1. Practicing all COVID-19 Safety Protocols (self-screening; staying at home if showing any signs of illness; hand hygiene; respiratory practices including wearing a mask and other personal protective equipment – PPE as required; social distancing when possible, etc.).

2. Creating a positive and safe learning environment for every student.

3. Review with students and practice important safety protocols that have been created in consultation with the WRDSB and Public Health.

4. Maximize the safety of all members of the school by providing a detailed COVID-19 Site Safety Plan, including directional arrows and all other necessary signage provided by WRDSB.

5. Support all students to work together to enhance the safety and well-being of all members of our school community.

Our students play a very important role and keeping themselves, their classmates, our staff, and other people they come in contact with outside of our school. Students are responsible for:

1. Practicing all COVID-19 Safety Protocols (self-screening; staying at home if showing any signs of illness; hand hygiene; respiratory practices including wearing a mask; social distancing by keeping a two meter distance when possible, etc.).

2. Helping to create a calm, orderly, and kind learning environment while at school.

3. Practicing our school values of C.A.R.E. (cooperation, accountability, respect, and empathy).

4. Coming to school prepared with all necessary materials as outlined above.

5. Remaining within their class cohort whenever possible – this includes during in class instruction; before and after school and during nutrition breaks.

6. Not sharing materials including nutritional and learning items.

We know that these times are very challenging for everybody in our school community. It is important that we all work together in order to create the safest possible environment for our students and staff.

We are all looking forward to welcoming and re-connecting with our wonderful students in the weeks ahead!

Mr. Coates